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Trusted Strategic Innovation for the Healthcare Industry

Marketing Communication

Healthcare consumers are rapidly shifting how they learn about and buy services/products. Traditional marketing has no place in the digital age. It's time to engage with precision.

Process Redesign

New design principles and technologies are profoundly changing how business gets done. The first healthcare organizations that transition will reap benefits today and beyond.

Digital Strategy

To transform the consumer journey, healthcare organizations must begin to reimagine every experiential touchpoint by deploying digital technologies that deepen engagement.

Change Management

Healthcare companies need a comprehensive, systematic approach to implementing innovative change that focuses on the elements that matter most.

What Would Retail Do?

Similar to a retail environment, "value" for today's healthcare consumer means more than just price, it includes quality service, convenience, information transparency, and so much more.

The most successful consumer brands succeed by providing their customer with personalization and meaning.

To survive and thrive in this new marketplace, healthcare organizations, practice owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and yes, even "products" must make the strategic shift toward a more consumer-centric, retail-oriented, relationship-driven experience.

Let's identify new methods of engagement for your customers.

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What They’re Saying

  • Dr. Chris Dawkins first hired navGOhealth to conduct a digital marketing audit and then retained the agency for more than 6-months to implement a custom engagement.
    Dr. Chris Dawkins, Author, Founder at Natural Health Publishing
  • Boise Family Medicine needed to stand out in the Boise, Idaho community and enlisted the services of navGOhealth multiple times to craft the perfect consumer-centric content strategy.
    Boise Family Medicine
  • HealthHeart engaged navGOhealth to help market their ICO, resulting in a successful crowdsale that exceeded funding goals and then led brand strategy efforts post launch.
    Mark Rudnitsky, Founder at

Our Process

Innovation is largely industry agnostic ― a requisitite characteristic that all successful companies exhibit. Today's healthcare industry however, requires a heightened focus and deliberative innovation process. We have developed a unique approach to organize, prioritize, and operationalize the innovation process for healthcare entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, practice owners, and health systems.

Search ― Before the innovation process can competently begin, one must first examine and extract all pertinent opportunities for meaningful change.

Assess ― We now move from what's possible, to what should be focused on. Our methodology employs an evaluative matrix to objectively assess potential.

Develop ― With the high potential opportunities clearly identified, further tactical and strategic refinement of risk/reward can be established.

Pursue ― The final step in the innovation process involves bridging the gap between strategic conceptualization and pragmatic implementation.

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